When Your Cancer Says “Hello.”

Stan Goldberg, PhD

10/29/14-Although I’ve lived with prostate cancer for twelve years, it’s not something that I dwell upon. But inevitably, at least once a day, it grabs my ass and says, “gotcha!”

It can be when I’m thinking about my future, my lack of energy, or anticipating my next PSA test. I think most people living with cancer feel the same thing—there is often that bit of worry that the cancer will rear it’s ugly head and say, “I’m back.”

 People who are healthy often are in a quandary how to react to our illness. Should they pretend it doesn’t exist? Offer sympathy? Be supportive even if we don’t ask for it?

 I tried to answer these question in my article She Says “I Have Cancer,” Now What Do You Say?

The response was so overwhelming I decided to expand it into an ebook. “I Have Cancer” 48 Things ToDo When You Hear Those Words. It can be pre-ordered on Amazon until November 30 for $.99. On December 1st,  it will be available on all online booksellers for $3.99.

Preventing Senior Moments, by Stan Goldberg

Offers practical and achievable prevention strategies for senior moments.


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