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Preventing Senior Moments

How to Stay Alert into Your 90s and Beyond

Offers practical and achievable prevention strategies for senior moments.

Some senior moments are what they seem—brain glitches no more concerning than realizing the problem arose because of something easily fixable such as wearing hearing aids. But others are the result of complex information processing errors. Unfortunately, until Preventing Senior Moments, no book or article offered research-based strategies for preventing senior moments that range from forgetting appointments to becoming disorientated.

People tormented with an ailment—physical or emotional—do not want general suggestions for alleviating it. They seek something that describes the problem in detail, determines its seriousness, and offers advice that is specific, relevant, immediate, and long-lasting. Preventing Senior Moments offers all four. Using real life, relatable stories, Stan Goldberg reveals the processes behind senior moments, how to recognize the signs, and strategies for preventing them.

Preventing Senior Moments, by Stan Goldberg

Hi, I’m Stan Goldberg.

I am a person living with cancer, Professor Emeritus who for more than 25 years taught, provided therapy, researched, and published in the areas of learning problems, communication disorders, loss, change and end-of-life issues. For eight years I was a bedside hospice volunteer and currently counsel caregivers.

Clinician and counselor Goldberg blends research on the brain and communication together with personal and client experience to analyze the phenomena of “senior moments” (i.e., the forgetfulness that prompts questions like Why did I just walk into this room? What is that person’s name? Why do I remember that experience so differently from the person with whom I shared it?) …. Most reassuring is Goldberg’s advice that readers accept themselves as they are and get plans in place to head off future struggles. Older readers will feel both understood and inspired by Goldberg’s practical suggestions.

― Booklist

Senior moments can feel amusing at 55, but sinister at 60. Does forgetfulness lead to a dementia diagnosis? Dr. Stan Goldberg gently debunks myths of aging while offering a scientific explanation of the aging brain in plain language. Deliciously readable, this book will be a reassuring companion for anyone who is secretly worried about senior moments and what they might portend.

― Donna Thomson, coauthor of “The Unexpected Journey of Caring: The Transformation From Loved One to Caregiver” and author of “The Four Walls of My Freedom: Lessons I’ve Learned From a Life of Caregiving”

From the moment I picked up Preventing Senior Moments, I was drawn in and wanted to read it from cover to cover. Dr. Goldberg has a beautiful and thoughtful writing style that makes this universal topic incredibly engaging and captivating. He combines the science of medicine and his experience as a counselor of seniors, with relatable life experiences in a way that allows one to understand the brain from a new perspective. I found this book to be as fascinating as it is practical with its explanations and strategies. Everyone who has or will experience an aging brain should read this book.

― Jeannette Guerrasio, MD, author of Embrace Aging