Stan Goldberg

Aging, Caregiving, Dying, and Recovering Joy

Stan Goldberg, PhD

“Even if we stubbornly refuse to allow death to influence our lives, our lives will definitely influence our death. Stan Goldberg, author of “Lessons for the Living: Stories of Forgiveness, Gratitude, and Courage at the End of Life,” writes that “the ideas and emotions people carry with them through life often determine the quality of their death.” In other words a “good death” is more likely if you have had a good life. “I’ve come to believe the baggage I’ll tote with me to my death will determine its quality,” he writes. “I’ve learned the importance of doing simple things—telling my family and friends I love them; expressing gratitude for even the smallest kindnesses shown to me; being accepting of the unskillful words and actions of others; and asking for forgiveness when I screw up.”

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