Regenerating Emotions

Stan Goldberg, PhD

10/28/14 The last time I ran was more than 15 years ago in the Treasure Island Triathlon. What followed was a less than successful hip replacement and years of lamenting losing an important part of my identity and emotions.

Recently I accepted that although I could never compete in competitions again, I could find the joy I experienced from running by just shifting my goals. Instead of focusing on the number of miles I ran or how fast, I tried recreating the emotion I had when I ran.

I finally experienced what I thought I lost 15 years ago running on a redwood-lined quiet path early in the morning. Granted, I ran slower than my 8 month pregnant wife did 35 years ago with our first child—but I found the joy again.

Don’t mourn your losses, try to find a way of recreating that joy.

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