Slip-Sliding Into Aging

Stan Goldberg, PhD

04/07/14  I recently returned from a fly-fishing trip to the Mt. Shasta area. As I waded the McCloud River I struggled to remain on top of rounded, slippery rocks.

After falling the second time, I looked for a better way of remaining erect. Instead of fighting to remain on top of the rocks, I let my foot gently slide off of it to more level surfaces. Amazing lesson for aging! Don’t struggle to maintain the impossible-adapt to what’s possible.

Preventing Senior Moments, by Stan Goldberg

Offers practical and achievable prevention strategies for senior moments.


  1. Ken

    Boy, Stan. You do get around! Must be nice being wealthy and retired.

    • Stan Goldberg

      Being retired is great. I wouldn’t know about being wealthy.

      Take Care


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