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Stan Goldberg, PhD

Stan has presented new and unique material on caregiving, hospice, grief, and grief recovery throughout the United States, Canada, Europe, and Asia. Currently, three types of presentations are being made: For the general public, for staff and volunteers, and volunteers.

The material is related to his internationally award-winning book Lessons for the Living: Stories of Forgiveness, Gratitude, and Courage at the End of Live and Leaning Into Sharp Points: Practical Guidance and Nurturing Support for Caregivers.

Each of the following workshops can be modified to meet your needs.To learn more about the workshops, contact him directly at 415 566-7200 or

Read the reviews of his past workshops below.

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Caregiving for the General Public

being contented as one ages

Ideas Caregivers Can Use to Serve Loved Ones, Preserve Their Own Sanity, and Ease Their Grief

Can be delivered as a workshop or short presentation

The world of caregivers and loved ones often diverge as illnesses progress. Understanding how to bridge the differences can ease the acceptance of the changes, preserve the sanity of caregivers, avoid unnecessary placements, and ease the grief experienced by the loss of loved ones.

In this workshop, Stan will present more than 100 ideas from his new book on caregiving, Leaning Into Sharp Points: Practical Guidance and Nurturing Support for Caregivers (available in March, 2012 from New World Library).

Hospice: Easing the Death of Loved Ones, Reducing Grief, and Living More Meaningfully

The experience of serving someone who is dying can be transformative. In Stan Goldberg’s internationally award-winning book  Lessons for the Living: Stories of Forgiveness, Gratitude, and Courage at the End of Live, he explains how serving the needs of the dying taught him lessons about forgiveness, letting go, communicating from the heart, compassion, hope, love, and forgiveness.

In this presentation, he explains how his eight year journey as a hospice volunteer enabled him to accept his own cancer and live each day as if it was his last.

For Volunteers – How to Serve Patients

 The Role and Importance of Volunteers

Volunteers have the potential for being one of the most important members of a hospice team. You are viewed by them as someone who serves, not because you are being paid to do so, but because you want to. A very special bond can be formed and you will be able to provide compassionate service and grow beyond your wildest expectations.

In this workshop, you’ll learn specific techniques for serving patients and learning how to live better.

Caregiver Training for Staff and Volunteers

Integrating Family Caregivers Into the Hospice Team

Many hospices view family caregivers as needing as much care as their patients. The relationship is one in which staff address the needs of both. While it’s important to care for the needs of caregivers, in this workshop, they are placed in a more active role: an integral part of the hospice team. The result is that loved ones have easier deaths and both duration and severity of the grief experienced by family caregivers is reduced. Suggestions based on the principles of change are offered for training and integration.

Reviews of Stan’s Workshops and Presentations

Holly Smith, Event and Sponsorship Manager
Pathways Hospice Foundation

“Once in a while, life generously provides us with a truly wonderful experience. That is exactly what happened at a recent Pathways Hospice Foundation gathering which featured Dr. Stan Goldberg as the speaker. Through his simple, heartfelt words, Stan would took our hands and lead us to the mysterious places he had been, giving us a vivid glimpse of what he had seen and learned from the patients he visited as they prepared to depart this life. We laughed with him at what they had found joyous and wept at their sorrows. We were there in the room with Stan as he brought his patients and those who loved them the comfort of music and the compassion of a well-placed word.

“Dr. Goldberg has a remarkable capacity for transporting his audience to the very places he has been as he brings respite, relief, and dignity to the final days of those he serves. Through his reflections on the value of hospice care, he leads listeners to a deeper understanding of themselves and the meaning of their lives. When Stan Goldberg speaks about the value of hospice care, he touches every heart and inspires every soul.”

San Francisco State University-Betty Yu, Ph.D. Communicative Disorders

“Stan’s talk with our speech-language therapy graduate students about death and dying was both instructive and elevating. He took the time to get to know the students prior to his visit, and tailored the conversation to their experiences. He did so with warmth and easiness, which went a long way in allowing us to explore many complex issues in an open and mindful way.”

University of Arizona – Audrey Holland, Regents Professor Emerita

“Stan’s participation in my counseling classes is always the high point of my student’s’ term. His ability to establish immediate and personal contact with them initiates a powerful learning experience.”

Hospice volunteer – Alan Pye, Ph.D.

“Stan Goldberg brings a lot with him. As an experienced hospice volunteer he shares a fund of wise stories around the practice of being with the living who are soon to die. As a man of intelligent compassion his practical creativity is inspiring, and as a man continuing to examine the personal issues of living he is an example.  His lively connectedness is warming: I liked him a lot.”

Sarah Walker, Executive Director Hospice Calgary

“Stan was a keynote speaker for a formal fundraising luncheon. People attending it commented on the power of his presentation and his ability, through sharing of stories, to make the audience think about their own lives.”

Hope Hospice – Donna McMillion, Director of Development

“Stan Goldberg’s workshop was insightful, inspiring, and thought provoking!  Stan captured all the participants’ full attention with his interesting stories of people who were dying and how there was beauty in this natural life process.  Besides his wonderful stories, Stan also entertained us with his soft angelic flute music.”

Commonweal Benefit – Organizer, Maxine Kraemer,

“Stan speaks to an audience with riveting candor. warmth and humor;leading people to identify with his life enriching experiences.”

Pathways Home Healthcare and Hospice-Sheryl Brown, Volunteer Coordinator

“Dr. Goldberg is a dynamic speaker who actively engages his workshop audience. Our vigil volunteers loved hearing about his first-hand experiences.”