Thanksgiving and Gratitude: When Just a Little is Enough

Stan Goldberg, PhD

It’s Thanksgiving and yesterday I promised myself I wouldn’t think today. But I woke up, and there they were–those pesky thoughts of the day.


Being an old man and not just a memory

Living in an imperfect country, rather than Rwanda

Worrying about becoming groggy from too much turkey, rather than starvation

Thankful for a family that tolerates my unskillful words and actions although I get annoyed at theirs

Living in a historical epoch when values I advocated my entire life are almost acceptable

Exhausted after building a deck rather than achy from sitting on a couch all day

People still admiring my woodwork more from compassion than from honesty

An oncologist who appreciates the quality of life as much as the quantity of it

I’ll be far, far away from civilization on Black Friday.


That’s enough thinking for today. Happy Thanksgiving, and remember only a few more days until the release of “I Have Cancer,” 48 Things to Do When You Hear Those Words. What a great BLACK FRIDAY purchase! And only $.99 until it’s released on December 1.

Preventing Senior Moments, by Stan Goldberg

Offers practical and achievable prevention strategies for senior moments.


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