Poems by Stan Goldberg

Of Course You Remember
July 7, 2011

Of course you remember she says.
It was your sixtieth, and
we came from across the country
to express our love.

I don’t remember, I say.



It’s Not Our Fault
January 11, 2011

When Christians in the Middle Ages
extolled the virtue of holy missions
and heard that Crusaders killed innocent Muslims,
they cried out
“It’s not our fault.”


You’ll Like It
December 1, 2004

Attractive, slim and 70,
she squeezes soft wax into ears,
and turning to me says,
“You’ll like it.”……


Through an Old Sealed Window
(originally published as Steve and Mac)
February 4, 2003

Through an old sealed window,
the garden softens as daylight fades,
and in the shadows a hand still strong
caresses another that’s not…..



A Bean Hollow Goodbye
December 4, 2002

A gray on gray Pacific coast morning begins
as new yellow flowers push
from beneath scarlet  ice plant fingers,
and a mother says goodbye to her son’s ashes…..



Tidal Movements
March 10, 2002

The radiant Gulf sun rises
from behind ancient mangroves
and egrets snatch prey with lightning beaks
as I push the canoe into brown waters.
A back country trip to resurrect a time,
when muscles readily worked……..


Images of New York
October 14, 2001

The 6 Train stops at Lexington to refrains of Ava Maria
and pristine pictures of the missing reappear
on graffetied walls always smiling, sometimes with friends,
but mostly with children……