The Importance of Ritual

Stan Goldberg, PhD

06/08/14  I had the wonderful experience yesterday of performing the marriage service for the daughter of my friend of 45 years. My contribution to the structure of the service (they selected the writings and wrote the vows) was adding elements of nonsectarian rituals and explaining to them how to plant images in the minds of guests that could easily be remembered 20 years from now. Check with me in 2034 to see how well I did. If you’re interested in how to introduce ritual into your life read my article The Power of Ritual

Preventing Senior Moments, by Stan Goldberg

Offers practical and achievable prevention strategies for senior moments.


  1. Ken

    Ritual can tap into the unconscious to bring forth unresolved issues, can heal where the wound has been deep for many years, can sooth and so on. Rituals between men can be most powerful for men usually don’t engage in rituals with each other, outside of the stereotypical sports rituals. Rituals between and among men can melt the divide between us, esp if we are naked with each other, can unearth and bring to light our need for each other’s touch, affection, and dissolve the fear of homophobia.

    • Stan Goldberg

      Hi Ken,

      So true. In hospice I participated in many rituals that pulled the past back into the present for those who were dying, and enabled the present to reach into the future for those who would live on.

      • Ken

        The most simplest of rituals as saying “hello” to someone when our eyes meet seems like something of the past. The lack of hospitality is a ritual that seems to have disappeared within many organizations and so -called “communities”.

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