Helping Our Loved Ones Die-2: Sitting

Stan Goldberg, PhD

Lessons for the Living-2: Sitting. Few people understand the importance of sitting down next to a person who is dying rather than standing at the bedside.

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  1. gretchen Phillips

    So glad a friend enlightened me to several of your articles. Soon I am doing a few workshops on caregiving and transitions in life. Your words (which I will not use verbatum (sp) with credit to you, will help get an important message across to learn how to adjust to life’s changes and prepare for turns in the road. I am a Palliative Care social worker, observing and hopefully helping people with tough transitions to end of life. Thanks for your graceful and powerful words on change. gretchen

    • Stan Goldberg

      Hi Gretchen,

      Thanks for your kind words. I’m honored that you want to use my thoughts.

      Take Care,


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