Concerned About Your Parents’ or Grandparents’ Strange Behaviors?

Stan Goldberg, PhD

They said or did something you don’t understand, or worse, cause you concern about their cognitive health. Some people suggest you laugh off these “senior moments,” but you can’t. After all, these are your parents or grandparents and you love them. Finally, there is a resource that will enable you to either relax or provide reasons to contact professional help.

And this makes a terrific gift that will help them cope with age-related changes

After five years of research, Preventing Senior Moments: How to Stay Alert into Your 90s and Beyond is about to be released (October 11).

-The recommendations I make for better cognitive health are based on 250 articles and books ranging from startling data in esoteric research journals to a 1930s cartoon featuring Popeye the Sailor Man.

-More than 75 true stories including my most embarrassing senior moment and the emotional pain experienced by a woman when her senior moment was mistaken for something “funny.”

-Why your parent or grandparent has senior moments and what they mean.

-Eight strategies with 25 methods for preventing senior moments your parents and grandparents can immediately use.

-A simplified explanation of four types of memory


 Booklist: “Older readers will feel both understood and inspired by Goldberg’s practical suggestions.

 Jeannette Guerrasio, MD, author of Embrace Aging: “I was drawn in and wanted to read it from cover to cover.”

Donna Thomson, Author of The Unexpected Journey of Caring”    “..Deliciously readable, this book will be a reassuring companion for anyone who is secretly  worried about senior moments and what they may portend.”

Cathy Lee Taylor, Spirituality and Aging Podcast “A MUST-READ for anyone who wants to stay sharp as they age!”

Preventing Senior Moments, by Stan Goldberg

Offers practical and achievable prevention strategies for senior moments.


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